Would You Strip To Survive, or Find a Sugar Daddy?

What would you do if you were faced with desperation? Bills need to be paid and the economy shows no sign of improving. What if you were down to the last two options: strip, or find a sugar daddy? Is there one better than the other, and which do YOU think is more socially acceptable?Β 

I recently had an interesting conversation with a Β very opinionated young lady about stripping and whether or not she would do it to make ends meet. Let me just say that she sugarcoated nothing. So, if you’re looking for something PG rated then please click the X or go watch cartoons, because this post is not for the modest. However, if you’re looking for the real real, then continue below:

“I would feel objectified dancing in barely there clothes, and nobody is gonna be there groping on my thangs. I would find a sugar daddy if that’s what it came down to. And Continue reading “Would You Strip To Survive, or Find a Sugar Daddy?”