Music Review: Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free & Single”

Release date: July 4, 2012

Label: SM Entertainment

Purchase: Yesasia | Kpoptown | iTunes

Rating: 4/5

To be honest, I didn’t enjoy this album from beginning to end, there were some bumps along the way. What I disliked was the musical production on a few of the songs. Those were sounding misplaced, washed up, and whacky. Honesty is my best policy and I’m not going to lie and say Sexy, Free & Single was mind blowing when it most certainly was not. It was interesting but not exceptional. Allow me to give you a run down as to how the record left me with mixed feelings:

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Super Junior Returns “Sexy, Free & Single”

Kpop’s super group (well not exactly unless you classify a group with more than 6 members to be super like me) Super Junior, has returned with their 6th album  “Sexy, Free & Single.” I like the song and the video, but there wasn’t much of a concept to it, mostly just good dancing and camera tricks. As for the song itself, its like a rip … Continue reading Super Junior Returns “Sexy, Free & Single”

What happens when you have ‘100’ members in a group?

By Kai

Okay well not exactly 100, I kind of exaggerated there a bit. But I think having a ton of members in one music group means each individual has to work like crazy to bring in the dough and to keep your position. So, what is my definition of too much? Well, if there’s more than 5 members then I consider that a packed group. And we all know where to find some of these gigantuous groups, don’t we? Of course, they exist only in Asia. Let’s check out some of the more popular ones: Continue reading “What happens when you have ‘100’ members in a group?”