Lily Elise is “Taken”

Alternative R&B singer Lily Elise has released the official music video for her single “Taken”, the spellbinding single from her EP of the same name.  “Taken” officially premiered on Billboard in March, solidifying Elise’s place as a formidable talent in the arguably muddled world of pop music.  The video gives us an up-close and intimate look at the striking young singer in her most vulnerable state. Everything … Continue reading Lily Elise is “Taken”

Book Trailers That Matter: “Taken” by Erin Bowman

I don’t normally watch trailers for books, more like for movies only. But while I was browsing around Youtube for something worthy of my eyesight, I stumbled upon Erin Bowman’s Taken. Check out the exciting book trailer that managed to steal my attention with not people but special effects and dramatic sounds: Get your copy of Taken when it comes out on April 16th.    … Continue reading Book Trailers That Matter: “Taken” by Erin Bowman

Zoe Saldana kicks butt!

Have you seen the trailer to the gorgeous Zoe Saldana‘s newest film “Colombiana?” Well, if you haven’t then you are obviously not in the know. Ms. Saldana turns into a deadly assassin after witnessing vicious men murder her parents as a child in Bogota, Colombia. What I like about this movie is that the audience gets to see Zoe transition from romantic comedies and drama into a more serious, action packed, roller-coaster ride like roll. It’s an unfamiliar territory to her fans and I’m definitely anticipating this film. Let’s just say “Colombiana” is created by the producers of “Taken“. And if you’ve seen that movie then you know what to expect, non-stop action. The film hits theatres on August 26. Check out the trailer below: Continue reading “Zoe Saldana kicks butt!”