It’s full “Time,” so I hope RaNia isn’t just teasing


RaNia created a lot of hype leading up to their debut, due to the fact that Teddy Riley (skilled producer but kind of washed up) produced their first single “Dr. Feel Good.” Unfortunately, I hated that song and the video. It just came off so overly sexed; like an audition for the adult industry. To be honest, had it not been for the members display of individual talent I wouldn’t have paid the group any further attention. And their other song, “Masquerade,” was so much better. Trust!

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[WINNER] SNSD’s 3rd Album “The Boys”

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Again, EMBRACE YOU is highly appreciative of all the support we’ve gotten since we launched on October15. Now, it’s time to announce the winner of our 1st anniversary contest. Like I’ve mentioned before, if you haven’t won this one there’s many more to come. So without any more delay, the winner is…
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Kpop is awesome but seems overcrowded…

No one can deny the wide spread impact of Kpop around the world, but with so many artists debuting by the second, is there room for more and how can they set themselves apart? There are many new (rookie) girl groups trying to take a bite out of the success cake, but in my opinion some of these groups lack originality and straight up talent. Well in the ever-growing industry, some argue that it takes more than just talent to make it. In fact, I’ve found that “idols” don’t have to be amazing singers and dancers. If you’re in a group, being charismatic and pretty can take you just as far in the industry as well. Talented or not.  Continue reading “Kpop is awesome but seems overcrowded…”

Vince Harder’s 10 Quickies

There’s no denying the amazing talent of Vince Harder. A young musician fusing soul, hip hop, dance, pop, and R&b to create his own unique sound. Vince is busy in the studio finishing up his debut album, but has already been making waves in his hometown in New Zealand.

Vince sure lacks nothing; singer, songwriter and record producer, he has what it takes to become a global star!

Be sure to check out Vince’s exclusive interview with EMBRACE YOU, and read his interesting answers to our ’10 quickies’ below:

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