Keida releases “One Love” MV

One Love is a wonderful song with a great message, and I like how the music video depicts that effortlessly. Check out the video and tell us what you think of this song showcasing another kind of story from the beautiful island of Jamaica. On her U.I.M Records produced single “One Love“, Keida helps her listeners to realize the importance of one pure love as the nucleus which … Continue reading Keida releases “One Love” MV

Fond Doux – St. Lucia’s Eco-Friendly Resort

Looking for the next amazing summer escape? Search no further. Like many islands in the Caribbean, St. Lucia is no different when it comes to charm and beauty. The region is also known for its rainforested interior with waterfalls at Toraille. While St. Lucia has dormant volcanic beaches, reef-diving sites and popular luxurious resorts, it also homes fishing villages and hidden treasures. One of those … Continue reading Fond Doux – St. Lucia’s Eco-Friendly Resort

Congrats Tessanne!

America certainly got it right. Tessanne Chin is THE VOICE! I’m super thrilled that the island songstress is finally getting the recognition she deserves and I can’t wait to see and hear what happens from here on. Check out her sweet and sincere reaction to being named the winner of The Voice season 5 and be sure to get her new single, Tumbling Down, on … Continue reading Congrats Tessanne!

Utterly Speechless.

Wow! All I can say is wow! Not only did the talented Tessanne Chin deliver yet another wonderful performance, she managed to bring me to tears once again. I’ve been such a fan of Ms. Chin since forever, and every week I’m thankful people are getting to see just how beautiful, incomparable, raw, and emotional she is a vocalist and a person. In my opinion, … Continue reading Utterly Speechless.

Album Review: “Lenya Wilks”

Lenya WilksReleased: March 26th 2013

Label: Z x 5 Productions

Purchase: Amazon | iTunes

This review is way overdue. But I just had to go through with it and say I’m speechless. Absolutely and utterly speechless. No worries, this is not a rant. I’m actually just very impressed by Lenya Wilks‘ debut album. The self-titled record is sultry, bubbly, jazzy, reggae-rific, and pretty much perpetual, with music you’ll never stop listening to for years to come. I can’t get over how much I love this album. So, yes. Once again I will say it, I love this album. But let’s move on to a more calm and collected interpretation of why Lenya Wilks has one of  the best reggae albums of the year.

Aside from her flawless and soul shaking voice, the words literally take you there, and the music defines a wonderful production. Summer Love starts things off in a beautiful and wanting mood. The track signifies being in love with an unknowing other, and how effortless it is to describe how exactly you feel about that person. This is the perfect love song that isn’t slow but groovy enough to make you want to get on your feet. A truly wonderful opener.

Following the sexy starter is the more mellow and bluesy Better in My Dreams. There’s something about this track that pulls me into the 80s. All  I think of is sitting in a lounge filled with sensuality in the air and surrounded by nothing but emotional melodies. I had no idea that after one listen Better in My Dreams would turn out to be my favorite on the album, but it sure doesn’t stop there. The next track is just as memorable and uniquely interesting.  Continue reading “Album Review: “Lenya Wilks””

Grenada! Grenada!

Grenada is an island country and Commonwealth realm consisting of the island of Grenada and six smaller islands at the southern end of the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. Grenada is located northwest of Trinidad and Tobago, northeast of Venezuela, and southwest of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Thank you Wikipedia, you’re ever helpful. Anyways, the cold weather is fast approaching and as much as I enjoy the cooler air rather than roasting in heat, I was looking up some exotic vacation spots to add to my list. Grenada isn’t as popular as other islands but that makes it even more intriguing. I love a good mystery and would really like to discover what this beautiful escape has to offer.  Continue reading “Grenada! Grenada!”

Jamaica Cleans Up, Kenya Breaks World Record

It’s a clean sweep for team Jamaica as Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, and Warren Weir took the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. Bolt, who dominated the 100m for the second time in a row was determined to claim the 200m as well. Though, the ever so playful and confident athlete didn’t break a record as he’d hoped, he has however placed himself in Olympics … Continue reading Jamaica Cleans Up, Kenya Breaks World Record

Lightning “Bolt” does it again!

Haters, let the race speak for itself. Usain Bolt has claimed victory once more in the men’s 100m. Yes, he’s had a not so flawless moment leading into the Olympics, but nevertheless, Bolt knows how to deliver when it gets down to business. To think many, and I have to admit myself included, had thoughts of “maybe his counterpart Yohan Blake could take the Gold … Continue reading Lightning “Bolt” does it again!

Inmate Beaten For Passing Gas?

Let fart be free! Well, so they say, until you’re in jail. According to the Jamaica Star, my occasional news source, a man was allegedly beaten for passing gas in lock up by three other inmates. So, I guess people can’t even fart in peace anymore either, no? Anyways, the men are being charged with assault occasioning bodily arm, on top of whatever it is they were already in jail for to begin with.

In defense to this accusation, one of the men stated that he was cooking porridge (people cook in jail now?) when the assaulted farted in the cell. Surely that would piss anybody off. Continue reading “Inmate Beaten For Passing Gas?”

[Exclusive] Konshens On His ‘Mental Maintenance’

Interview by Kai

Konshens piqued the interest of many with his 2005 release “Pon Di Corner.” From there on, the artist continued to make a name for himself in the industry; spawning several more hits within and outside his native Jamaica. One can refer to this versatile man as not only a musician, performer, or fashion designer, but also an advocate trying to make a difference in his community.

Let’s face it already, Konshens is destined to be a global star, and it’s only a matter of moments before the world starts calling his name. Don’t agree? Then listen to his songs. I’m sure he’ll have you hooked on one of his catchy tunes in no time. And while we’re all eager for a “Mental Maintenance,” watch the music video for his hot single “Do Sumn,” which was also featured in the popular video game Just Dance, and read the interview below to discover the man on stage & behind the music:

Continue reading “[Exclusive] Konshens On His ‘Mental Maintenance’”

’10’ Things To Clear Your Konshens

The energetic Dancehall artist is set to release his new album “Mental Maintenance” on February 28, but just before doing so, Konshens spared a little time out of his busy schedule to grant us an exclusive interview, as well as to provide some swift answers to our ’10’ quick questions below. Continue on to learn more, and laugh a bit: Continue reading “’10’ Things To Clear Your Konshens”

Students Exchange Vows At School

Original article by Crystal Harrison

At first when I saw the headline ‘Students Marry At School‘ on the Jamaica-Star website, my initial reaction was how cute it is that this young couple is playing around like that. But after reading through the entire article I realized that this was no joke to them at. The ceremony included a wedding cake, the school’s security guard as officiating minister, and fellow students and teachers as witnesses. There was even a reception held afterwards. Continue reading “Students Exchange Vows At School”

Despite the inevitable, ‘world boss’ reigns in good ‘Vybz’


There’s no doubt that 2011 belonged to Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel, and while it’s still early, 2012 is showing good signs that his music will continue making waves throughout the New Year. However, we can’t deny the legal woes taking place behind the scenes and exactly how it will impact his career in the long run. Well, unless this controversial entertainer will be making music from imprisonment, he will in fact lose his reign to others hungry for the spotlight. This is the music business after all; take a break and someone else takes your shine. Continue reading “Despite the inevitable, ‘world boss’ reigns in good ‘Vybz’”

Cherine takes on several roles in new video

For the intense, thought-provoking music video to the very much similar in sentiments single “How We Living,” Dancehall Soul singer Cherine Anderson takes on the role as director to guide herself in channeling interesting roles that depict the life of many women. Check it out and tell us what you think. “How We Living” is one of my favorite tracks off her mixtape “Ja9.25“ Credit: … Continue reading Cherine takes on several roles in new video

For Thought: Mother pours boiling water on son

I came across this chilling news today about a pyshotic mother with anger issues who intentionally poured boiling hot water on her 13 year old son out of rage. According to the Jamaica Star, the 32 year old self-employed mother was at home on January 3rd with her son when a heated argument developed over his behavior. The mother is described to have gotten severely angry; as a result she went into the kitchen, took a pot of boiling water from the stove, and threw it at him. The boy suffered second degree burns to the right side of his body. Continue reading “For Thought: Mother pours boiling water on son”

Gays accepted? Opposition leader sets homophobic island a blaze

By Kai

It’s becoming more globally known how unaccepted homosexuality is in Jamaica, and the topic is a very touchy one for the country’s leaders to discuss. However, during the recent election debates between the Jamaica Labor Party and the Peoples National Party, a question was posed on how the current Prime Minister and the Opposition leader intends on dealing with homosexuality in politics. Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding made it quite clear during his reign that “homosexuals are not welcomed” in his cabinet and people are wondering if the current leader shares the same belief.  Continue reading “Gays accepted? Opposition leader sets homophobic island a blaze”

Street Style face-off: Toya, Marcella, IN3GUE

   1.) Toya from Jamaica in black tube top, leopard print belt, black Clutch, and orange pants by Jae Jolly. 2.) Marcella from New Zealand in a gray Forever 21 sweater, faux fur vest, pleated mini skirt, black rocco Alexander Wang bag, and embellished silver pumps. 3.) IN3GUE from London in a yellow seater from, H&M black leather zip skirt, Alexander Wang bag, and studded leopard loafers … Continue reading Street Style face-off: Toya, Marcella, IN3GUE

[Exclusive] Lenya Wilks on debut album and staying true to herself

Interview by Kai

Lenya Wilks is no stranger to spotlight. This Jamaican born singer has been creating waves since a young age; performing in several music competitions and tearing up stages across the island. She’s definitely a force to be reckoned with so it’s no surprise that even after a minor disappointment that Lenya would receive the opportunity to tour the world along with fellow industry veteran Beres Hammond. Now, the artist is unleashing her own music and moving the souls of her listeners. After a tremendous period of releasing a stream of heatseekers, Lenya is busy in the studio and getting ready to show the world just how talented she is. Yes! 2012 is inevitably going to be the year of Lenya. 

Check out the music video for her sultry single “I Hate Love,” and read the interview below to learn more: Continue reading “[Exclusive] Lenya Wilks on debut album and staying true to herself”