Jin Akanishi Finds Time To ‘Takeover’ & Get Married?

It’s definitely quite sudden, and somewhat of a horrific shock for fangirls, but according to various news sites as well as the singer’s management company, Jin Akanishi is indeed getting married. Why am I posting this? Well, it intrigues me how one artist could be working so hard without slowing down and still find time to get married, much less have any sort of relationship. I mean, he’s probably very busy with his upcoming North American shows, as well as with the promotion of his singles. Also, because of how hard some of his fans are taking it. I’ve read how girls are feeling depressed and heartbroken as if they were in a relationship with the man. But let’s be realistic here, he’s just a good-looking performer but as normal as you and I could possibly be. Am I disappointed that he’s off the market? Not in the least. I wasn’t caught in a fantasy world like most. However, don’t you think that entertainers (particularly young male entertainers) who get married somewhat  causes a depreciation of their fanbase? I think so. Continue reading “Jin Akanishi Finds Time To ‘Takeover’ & Get Married?”

Jin Akanishi “Takes” 2

The soon to be global pop star Jin Akanishi has unveiled the very short but interesting second episode in his webseries “The Takeover.” I previously posted about Jin’s plans on releasing an English language album in the states and some of the people he’ll be working with to accomplish that goal so there’s no need for me to emphasize again on his mission. So, back to the topic at hand. Episode two is basically a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming music video for his debut single “Test Drive,” featuring the auto-tuned singing sensation Jason Derulo. The video is being directed by Frank Borin, someone I’m not familiar with and I hope his work doesn’t live up to his last name, get it? *Borin. Just kidding. Apparently, they’re going for a “Gone in 60 Seconds” concept with fast cars and hot chicks. And from the little bit we’re given in the episode it looks alright-ish. Anyways, check it out below and tell us what you think. By the way, “Test Drive” is now available on iTunes so be sure to support the artist and purchase the song. It’s really good actually. Continue reading “Jin Akanishi “Takes” 2″

Jin Akanishi is ready to “Takeover” the U.S.

But is the U.S ready for Jin? The pop singer is no rookie when it comes to the music industry; Jin has accomplished quite a lot back in his homeland of Japan when he was 1/6 of the Jpop group KAT-TUN. But now everyone is wondering if he can conquer the states with his honey like vocals and sex appeal. Most recently, Akanishi uploaded a video on YouTube depicting the journey of recording his first English language album. The interesting webseries titled “The Takeover“, will give fans a first hand view of Jin working with several internationally known artists and producers, including StereotypesJason DeruloJustin Bieber, and Sean Kingston.  There’s no question that he has talent but I’m very skeptic when it comes to foreign singers, particularly Continue reading “Jin Akanishi is ready to “Takeover” the U.S.”