“Thor” was such a disappointment

I made the mistake of watching “Thor” this weekend and I’ve been asking myself “why?” The movie SUCKED big time. I think the best parts were shown in the trailer and other than the sexy Chris Hemsworth there was nothing else to keep me entertained. The acting was a bit blah, Idris Elba hardly had any parts, not too many action either, and the ending … Continue reading “Thor” was such a disappointment

Are You Looking Forward To ‘Thor’?

I definitely am. The upcoming May 2011 film ‘Thor“, played by Australian hottie Chris Hemsworth, depicts the story of the powerful warrior from the Norse mythology. Thor is stripped of his powers by his father (because he’s an arrogant fellow) and cast out from his kingdom unto earth (sucks for him). Natalie Portman plays his earthly love interest. The movie also stars Sir Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, and Kat Dennings.

Be sure to go check out this action packed movie when its released; it really has me anticipating.Β Watch the awesome trailer below, if you haven’t already (which I can’t figure out why):

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