Isn’t this borderline kiddie porn?


By Kai

How do you feel about 10 year olds and much younger than that being exposed to high fashion and the world of pageantry? No matter how some of these mothers and others involved try to make it look all glittery and fun, I still see the negative side to it, and I truly believe these kids are made to live out the dreams of grown women who missed their opportunity to be in the beauty industry. Have you seen some of these television shows, depicting toddlers in mature and suggestive outfits, and they’re even wearing make-up. Already, they’re being exposed to harsh criticism for their appearance and abilities. If they make a mistake during a dance routine Continue reading “Isn’t this borderline kiddie porn?”

Remembering Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

Today marks 9 years since the very talented Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes passed away. Who can forget the rapper with unlimited swagger, thought-provoking rap lyrics, and bold fashion concepts. Left Eye was 1/3 of the globally known Grammy award winning r&b/hip hop trio TLC. The group spawned several hits including the platinum selling singles: “Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg“, “Baby, Baby, Baby“, “Creep“, “Waterfalls“, and “No Scrubs“. Lisa began working on her solo career after TLC ended promotions for their third album “FanMail“. She appeared on several singles by other artists, including the hit “Never Be The Same Again” by former Spice Girl Melanie C. Lopes also developed the “Left Eye Productions” to help launch the career of talents, including r&b group Blaque. Β  Continue reading “Remembering Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes”

[Exclusive] Indigo Charlie’s “on a journey to scratch souls”

Indigo Charlie is a Indie/Alternative singer and songwriter, and in her own words, “on a journey to scratch souls and vent”. By writing about her own experiences, Indigo creates music others can relate to. This talented singer wants to prove that she can stand out in an already packed industry.

With a single already out, and an EP on the way, Indigo Charlie is ready to take on the world and become an international superstar.

Check out her music video for ‘Never Change‘ remix featuring Khleo Thomas, and read the interview for more:

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