Spring 2013: Holmes & Yang

Yes! Holmes does mean the Katie Holmes. It seems ms. thang has been ignited since leaving that dude, and I’m loving how she’s unleashing her inner sexiness. Check out my favorite looks from her collaborative new fashion collection: Continue reading “Spring 2013: Holmes & Yang”

A lot of “Ages,” Didn’t Really “Rock”

I know, my lame headlines are probably getting old but I still can’t help it. So, on to my topic at hand. “Rock of Ages.” What the hell was that? I’ve never been so disappointed about spending my time watching a movie before. I held out to about a good 50 minutes in the film then caved in. I just couldn’t watch any further. Worst … Continue reading A lot of “Ages,” Didn’t Really “Rock”

The ‘Mission’ is ‘Impossible,’ And We Love the Thrill

By Kai

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is the best action packed released since the final Transformers movie this summer. Tom Cruise has basically revived a slow year of ‘boring’ releases per say. The latest in his agent series multiplies the stunts and the acting. It has a greatΒ story-line and cool new additions, including one very stunning beauty I might add. Paula Patton depicts pure charisma and exoticness while getting tough with the men. This little lady sure can keep up.Β  Continue reading “The ‘Mission’ is ‘Impossible,’ And We Love the Thrill”