[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] : Mr. Fix Nigeria: Push It To The Limit

Hey guys! Ms. EY over here. Click on the image above, and head on over to 54. Great interview with Ohimai Amaize, a young Nigerian social advocate doing everything within his power, to bring necessary change in Nigeria! Please help us share through liking, commenting, tweeting, eh, facebooking, googling. Thanks in advance.   Continue reading [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] : Mr. Fix Nigeria: Push It To The Limit

The 14 year old controversy

Like most, if not all, I was shocked by the atrocious video spreading across the internet of the fourteen-year-old girl giving a blowjob, and on school grounds at that. Surprisingly, last night I was watching the lifetime movie ‘She’s Too Young’ about 14-year-old kids being overly sexually active. It really brought me out of the naivety of still believing that kids today were in fact … Continue reading The 14 year old controversy

Tweet Wars!

There’s nothing more unprofessional than seeing stars tweet unflattering remarks about each other. Why is it that they feel the need to express their distress on twitter of all places? It’s open for public viewing, and the media is just waiting for another tweet drama to stir up. Twitter was once a place to post about your current situation or something you consider to be of great interest. For example, “I ate a cheeseburger today”, or Continue reading “Tweet Wars!”