[Review] the GazettE’s “Toxic”

The GazettE’s new album is sounding like a revamped version of their previous “DIM.” And in case you’re wondering, it’s definitely “Toxic”; like a ballistic reaction from mixing explosive poisonous venom with acid. It’s like their old school style of hard-hitting, heavy metal charged tracks, while showing us they can record ballads just as well. I’m sure we’ve all been convinced since the release of “Cassis.” With all that said, “Toxic” is an exceptional album after two years of anticipation. The Jrock album of the year. If you’re into head bangers, dramatic concepts, or sorrowful numbers, then this is the album for you. Continue reading “[Review] the GazettE’s “Toxic””



Song of the Day!

presented by Kai’s playlist


I listened to one particular song more than any other on this day. I’ve yet to grasp a clear understand of the words, yet every line reaches the core of my soul. There’s so much raw emotion and passion filled in the singer’s voice and the instruments playing. No other song has captivated me so. The song I’m going on about is The GazettE‘s “Nakigahara,” from the band’s fourth studio album “DIM.” Listen to it below and tell us what you’re currently listening to over and over again. Continue reading “SOD Up!”

Spotlight – the GazettE

Aoi, Reita, Ruki, Uruha, and Kai are ‘the GazettE‘, a talented Japanese visual kei/rock band making music that can move the hearts of many without the understanding of their lyrics. the GazettE has been in the entertainment industry since 2002; they have released 19 singles, 4 studio albums, and 6 EPs.

Their musical style varies from heavy metal, funk rock, hard rock, metal core, to rock ballads. Currently signed to Sony Music Japan, and managed under the popular PS Company, the GazettE have become one of the most influential bands on the Jrock scene. Their music is widely known throughout Europe, North America, and Asia.  Continue reading “Spotlight – the GazettE”