In The Mood For A “Virgin?”

No sexual inquisition implied, just simply referring to exist†trace‘s upcoming album. “Virgin” will be the band’s first major label release since their debut to the Jrock scene in not-sure-when, and I know their avid followers are very much elated about this news. Too bad they’re gonna have to wait until next month before getting their hands on this new album. Still, until then check out the music video for exist†trace’s latest single “Ginger,” and be sure to support the rocking badass ladies by pre-ordering “Virgin” now on CDJapan. Mark your calendar for the official release: May 23, 2012. Continue reading “In The Mood For A “Virgin?””

[Review] DIR EN GREY’S “Dum Spiro Spero”

DIR EN GREY has always projected sorrow, pain, and aggression in their music. A theme they’ve carried right throughout the band’s lifetime. What I like about them is their ability to transition but remaining true to their original concept. The band’s 8th studio album “Dum Spiro Spero”, which literally translates to “While I Breathe, I Hope”, provides more evidence to the fact that DIR EN GREY’s music is ever timeless; this is rock undefined. A rare quality found in the industry. Each track symbolizes something of great meaning, whether it’s the recent event that took place in their homeland Japan, or from personal experiences faced by the members. There is great depth in the music and I couldn’t bypass a review of this fascinating album. Continue reading “[Review] DIR EN GREY’S “Dum Spiro Spero””

Spotlight – the GazettE

Aoi, Reita, Ruki, Uruha, and Kai are ‘the GazettE‘, a talented Japanese visual kei/rock band making music that can move the hearts of many without the understanding of their lyrics. the GazettE has been in the entertainment industry since 2002; they have released 19 singles, 4 studio albums, and 6 EPs.

Their musical style varies from heavy metal, funk rock, hard rock, metal core, to rock ballads. Currently signed to Sony Music Japan, and managed under the popular PS Company, the GazettE have become one of the most influential bands on the Jrock scene. Their music is widely known throughout Europe, North America, and Asia.  Continue reading “Spotlight – the GazettE”