Roaring ’20s Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Look

Did the movie “The Great Gatsby” make you wish that you lived in another time? After all, the outfits were elaborate, the dresses were beautiful and the homes were…spectacular. While everyday might not be a “Great Gatsby” day for you, who says your wedding can’t be? There are a lot of ways you can bring the beauty of the 1920’s into one of the most … Continue reading Roaring ’20s Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Look

Spotlight – Taeyang

Tae Yang

Meet Taeyang, a South Korean Kpop singer, dancer, songwriter, and producer. He began his training in YG Entertainment, a company for artists wanting to pursue R&B/Urban music, at the young age of 12. After six years of vocal and dance training, he made his debut as a member of BIG BANG.

In 2008, Taeyang released his first solo mini album titled “Hot“. He incorporated mostly R&B songs on the album, as it was the genre of music he loved. He wasn’t as happy with the album due to the fact that he didn’t get the chance to write any of the songs. However, the album was well received by fans and music critic alike; he won ‘Best R&B/Soul Song’ for his single ‘Only Look At Me‘, and ‘Best R&B/Soul Album’ for “Hot” at the 7th Korean Music Awards.

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