Poetry in Motion

Poetic Licence has been creating whimsical, distinctive shoes since 2005, bringing a unique take on classic British sensibilities mixed with the most vibrant global styles. Shop now for the brand’s latest at [...Read More]

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Pop Art

Gwen Stefani has always had a penchant for daring, flattering fashions. These Harajuku Lovers accessories, from over-the-top cuffs to statement-making watches, boast the unmistakable color sensibility and oversized hardware that make the brand so recognizable. Shop now for Harajuku Lovers [...Read More]

December 14, 2010 // 1 Comment

Review: Mesmerizing Scents

‘EMBRACE YOU‘ almost dropped the Dec/Jan edition of Teen Vogue, after getting hit by the tantalizing, sweet, citric scent of the Miss Dior Cherie fragrance by Dior. She was smitten by the minimalistic packaging of the parfume, which had a very classy, shimmery silver bow at the top. [...Read More]

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NYX Cosmetics

NYX was named after the ancient Greek goddess who ruled the night, just like many of their customers who rule the night life in this modern techno-savvy world. NYX offers a wide variety of products ranging from eye shadows to foundation, brushes to eye lashes, and glitter to glosses. This is my [...Read More]

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Ami Club Wear

Ami Club Wear is an incorporated women’s clothing shop based out of one of the nations hottest fashion capitals in Southern California. Shop now at for these hot new arrivals and much [...Read More]

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Natasha Bedingfield CD Giveaway

It’s been three months since ‘EMBRACE YOU‘ started,  and we would like to do a giveaway to thank our readers for the support so far. We are giving away Natasha Bedingfield‘s latest album “Strip Me” to one of our lucky readers. Here’s how to [...Read More]

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The Tribe Has Spoken

It’s time to decide where your fashion loyalties lie. The L.A.-based label My Tribe makes the kind of effortlessly cool clothes that turn a basic wardrobe into something sassy, poised, and a little edgy. Shop now at and let My Tribe keep you warm this [...Read More]

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eight sixty

While some brands create clothing for everyday, some are all about the nightlife. Take Eight Sixty, a line that offers eye-catching pieces perfect for dressing up a night on the town. Shop now for these flirty designs and more at   [...Read More]

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Kpop Artists Endorse Lanvin for H&M

Kpop group After School wears Lanvin for H&M for their new single “Love Love Love”. Lanvin for H&M is popular around the globe it seems; everybody is wearing it, from celebrities to average people. In my opinion, the designs are stylish when thinking fashion, but personally [...Read More]

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love & happiness

It’s a careful eye to details that make L&H’s sweaters pop the way they do, and with fresh-from-the-runway styles like ombre and lace, there’s nowhere you can’t wear one. Shop now at for love & happiness [...Read More]

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blaque label

Inspired by the bold fashions of Parisian women, designer Vanessa Lee created ‘blaque label’, a line of ready-to-wear that works perfectly with your current wardrobe to add a dose of attitude and vibrant flair. Shop now for these items and more at [...Read More]

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Karl Lagerfeld makes Chanel proud

Karl Lagerfeld has retaken the fashion world by storm in the name of Chanel. His new designs are based off of “global cooling.” The run way looked like glaciers; chills go down your spine just looking at it. Faux fur is the new hit item of the season and Lagerfeld take full [...Read More]

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plastic island

Creating a garment that balances the latest in European trends with the ease associated with a casual lifestyle is a definite art form—one that has put the apparel maker Plastic Island on the map of cutting-edge, contemporary fashion. Shop now at [...Read More]

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