Got Morganville Madness?

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Book Review – ‘Glimmer’ by Phoebe Kitanidis


Glimmer‘s mystery aroused my curiosity. How do I describe this story? The very moment I started reading everything seemed strange, but It definitely had me at ‘naked’ (nothing perverted just sheer interest). A guy and a girl wake up ‘undressed’ in bed next to each other; nothing wrong there except for the fact that neither can recall how they ended up in such a predicament, nor their lives prior to that. Talk about a wild night gone wrong. So, after a few freaky findings here and there, the two make a rather dramatic exit sparked by an unknown’s arrival. From there on readers are introduced to a place like no other.

I can’t fully interpret the non-human like behavior of the residents, as their questionable attitude contributes to the story of the two main characters. However, I can say that if ever you believed perfection never existed, it surely dwells in Summer Falls. On the other hand, I would like to dote on the mysterious two in this electrifying tale.

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