’10’ kakkoii things about May

In case you’re wondering, ‘kakkoii’ means ‘cool’ in Japanese. But this isn’t a lesson; instead, it’s our newest guest taking on EY’s ’10 quickies’. May J., the Japanese r&b and urban pop sensation, was kind enough to not only grant us an exclusive interview, but she also gave us some awesome responses to our traditional non-entertainment related questions. May’s currently gearing up for the release of her upcoming studio album so getting her to take some time to do this makes us highly appreciative. So, without any hesitation, please continue below to see her interesting answers, and remember to check out the interview if you haven’t already: Continue reading “’10’ kakkoii things about May”

’10’ things about VV

VV Brown is no stranger to the music scene. This young artist has already made a name for herself in her homeland and is now on a mission to take over the rest of the world. And with her honey like voice and vintage influenced style, I’m certain VV will make as big an impact in the states as she did in Britain. Check out her ’10’ quick responses below, and don’t forget to read our exclusive interview with this talented English lady:

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