[Review] Trey Songz “Chapter V”

RFile:Trey songz chapter v cover real.jpgTrey Songz has a new album out entitled, Chapter V. Kai succinctly sums it up as: lacking depth, showing no growth, if anything, regressing creatively as an artiste. Scathing review but, as a fan, probably even stan simply put, I’m beyond devastated by this lackluster release of an album.

It has been three years since I last bought his album ‘Ready, which I dearly cherish. His excessive sex laced theme in subsequent albums and mixtapes, ensured a self-induced three year long fast from his music. There was a creativity void  that I was looking for him to fill, of which,judging from his latest efforts,  he hasn’t.  

I randomly came across his announcement of a new album release on twitter two days ago, and my heart flattered a little.  It was sort of like a  reunion of  a first love that never died. We were both willing to reconnect and give the relationship a second shot. Yap! It was all good until my hopes were shattered into tiny little microscopic mini hearts after taking a listen, prompting me to scratch my head in wonderment and ask Were we ever meant to be, or I should completely let go? Find out why this  fan, is non too pleased with his latest work of disaster oops, excuse me, art. Continue reading “[Review] Trey Songz “Chapter V””

[Review] Young Jeezy’s “TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition”

Released: 12.20.2011

TM:103: Hustlerz Ambition” sounds like the soundtrack to a man’s journey to the top and his cockiness about staying there. There’s bitterness and aggression towards haters, but definitely love and appreciation to well wishers. Amidst the story there are a few about ambition, motivation, and intimacy. No other rapper like Young Jeezy self-proclaims himself as a living legend on every record released. Does that mean he’s too absorbed in himself? Absolutely not. The ATL native is just super confident in his artistry and enjoys keeping it real. Continue reading “[Review] Young Jeezy’s “TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition””